Exterior Painting Santa Barbara

We provide the most thorough, careful, and detail oriented exterior painting service for your home in Santa Barbara. Each painting job is a completely custom work designed to provide the longest lasting and best looking paint job to the exterior of your home.

Painting the exterior of a house presents a unique set of challenges compared to interior painting or other painting projects. The exterior of a house can be made of different substrates (wood, stucco, metal). The condition of each substrate can vary greatly depending on the type of weather and exposure the material has experienced. It is common for dry rot in wood, peeling substrate, peeling stucco, old peeling paint, wood with mildew, wood with mold, paint with mildew, paint with mold, and rusting metals to be present. On most exterior painting projects, one or more of these conditions exists. Meticulous substrate preparation is the key to creating an exterior paint which has a brilliant appearance and maintains its appearance for many years.

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Painting Preparation

This careful preparation phase is a major strength of our painting company, and this painting preparation procedure is one of the reasons why the homes we paint stand out. To prepare the exterior of the house for painting, we assess the condition of the substrate. This may require us to repair any wood rot, remove stucco and match the texture of the walls, address any old peeling paint, or handle any rust issues on metal. This is a major phase during any exterior painting project. Santa Barbara is exposed to salty sea air, and has a high relative humidity level, and this contributes to wood damage, rust, and the deterioration of paint, stucco, metals, and other materials. Each painting project is a custom, one-of-a-kind work, and each house is a unique challenge. We spend significant time and effort on each phase of the project to carry out the perfect exterior paint application.

Every surface of the house being prepared for painting is treated prior to painting. Depending on the material of the house, a surface/substrate appropriate primer is applied first, followed by a surface/substrate appropriate paint. Paint developed specifically for outdoor and exterior applications will contain mildewcides which prevents the appearance of mold or mildew on the surface of the paint. This is particularly important in a high humidity location like Santa Barbara which is exposed to additional moisture from the ocean.

Our house painting is designed to last for 15 to 20 years, and to retain a like new appearance and rich quality to the color during that period. We see homes in Santa Barbara which have paint jobs over 10 years old, but due to a variety of factors including weather, elements, quality of materials, and quality of preparation, some houses exhibit noticeable adverse effects of aging. Painting the exterior of yourhouse is an investment, and our exterior painting service adds a long lasting element of beauty to your home which you can enjoy for many years.

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When you choose Fresh Coat to paint your home in Santa Barbara you will receive the professional services of an extremely customer and quality focused company. We have a proven, reliable procedure which allows us to maintain consistency across all jobs and our stringent standard of quality. Request A Free Quote to get started on an exterior painting project for your home, or Contact Us for more information about our professional painting services.

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