Exterior Painting - Pressure Washing

Whether you would like to clean your existing deck, driveway, patio, or the exterior of your home, pressure washing is a great way to remove that old dirt, grim, and other bacteria which builds-up on almost all exterior surfaces. Do you have mold and mildew problems on your front door stoop because of irrigation heads that has over-sprayed for years? Has your coarse stucco, located on the outside of your home, collected dust and debris over time? Or, have your roof eaves seen a good amount spider-webs been built recently? These are all good reasons to have you home pressure-washed.

Pressure Washing Santa Barbara, CA

Contrary to what some people believe, pressure-washing your home uses less water than a typical home owner uses to irrigate their lawn. This is because the pressure washing equipment blends air and water together to create a powerful and accurate cleaning tool. There are also many different tips which can be placed onto the pressure washing gun which can also control water flow. One other common question that we receive is concern about ruining adjacent flowers or other landscaping. The pressure washing gun and nozzles (tips) are very controlled in their delivery of the water and air. A clear line is made distinguishing what surface is being washed and what surface(s) is not. As such, adjacent plants and flowers are unharmed from the operation

Typically, when pressure washing a home prior to an exterior repaint, we use only water with no additional admixtures (unless bleach is required for mildew and mold remediation). We try to avoid adding cleaning products or detergents whenever we can as this is not only better for the environment, but also reduces the probability that a cleaning residue will form on the surface(s) following the pressure washing operation.

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