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Stucco is a common material used on the exterior of homes in Santa Barbara. Stucco is a hard material similar to concrete and goes through a similar curing process. Stucco is popular for homes in Santa Barbara and throughout California because of its ability to insulate against dramatic changes in temperature.Cracks can form in the stucco surface which must be repaired when preparing a stucco surface for painting. Stucco is a rigid material, so it is not able to expand or shrink with weather conditions, unlike wood which shrinks and expands according to its moisture content. When stucco begins to fail, it will crack and/or start flaking away from the surface. Continuous exposure to water from sprinklers and irrigation adds to the deterioration process.

Stucco Exterior Santa Barbara, CA

Preparing Stucco for Painting

When stucco is prepared for painting, all loose and flaking materials are removed and all cracks are repaired. The key to a long lasting, beautiful exterior coat of paint is making sure the surface is clean and ensuring the substrate is solid. We’re very thorough in preparing for an exterior painting project by means of scraping and cleaning out any cracks in the stucco, caulking small cracks when possible, and using stucco repair materials and other compounds to discretely repair larger fractures in the home’s exterior. Any deteriorated stucco is scraped and removed until a solid and healthy surface is exposed. During the painting preparation process, we are very careful to only remove surfaces which are damaged. We then match the texture of any patched areas to the existing stucco to create a continuous appearance. With the stucco repaired, texture matched, and primed, we have a beautiful blank canvas to paint.

Does My House Have Painted Stucco or Integral Colored Stucco?

There are two types of stucco, integral colored stucco and standard stucco. Standard stucco has no color, and paint is applied on top of it. The coat of paint provides a protective barrier to your home’s exterior, reducing flaking and helping to prevent the material from deteriorating. Integrated color stucco has color built in to the material, and no paint is applied to it. The integrated color stucco looks nice, but lacks a protective barrier. As a result, it is more susceptible than standard stucco to weather, moisture, and other elements. Over time, water penetrates the raw stucco, sun exposure fades the color, and the exterior of the home gradually deteriorates. You can identify which type of stucco is used on your home by inspecting it. Integrated color stucco will look and feel raw. You will detect a rough, grainy quality, and exposed pores will be visible. If you can’t feel a rocky, sandy texture, and the surface generally looks smoothed over, then your home has painted stucco.

Exterior Painting for Your Stucco Home in Santa Barbara

Stucco homes are popular in Santa Barbara and throughout California for their durability, resistance to elements and weather, and easy maintenance. We’re thoroughly experienced with stucco, and have developed a proven technique for achieving the best possible coat of paint on all types of stucco ranging from extremely smooth to highly coarse. Each painting job is a completely custom piece of work, and our meticulous process results in the best possible exterior house painting. Request A Free Quote to get started on an exterior painting project for your home, or Contact Us for more information about our professional painting services.

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