Exterior Painting - Wood

Wood is a common siding for the exterior of homes. Wood provides a natural earthy quality to the appearance of a home, and many people consider wood the most beautiful building material available. Many of Santa Barbara’s residential areas are located in close vicinity to the ocean and receive direct exposure to moisture saturated salty sea air, and Santa Barbara has a high relative humidity at nearly every time of year.

Exterior Wood Santa Barbara, CA

Exposure to air with high moisture content creates an environment which may cause problems for wood over time. Wood may begin to soften, deteriorate, lose density and mass, and gradually lose strength as the fibers of the wood begin to rot. While this damage may not penetrate particularly far beyond the surface of the wood, issues such as dry rot, wet rot, and softened wood, are an obstacle for any exterior painting project, and need to be resolved prior to painting.

Great preparation is very important on any painting project, and the appearance and long term durability of your home’s paint greatly depends on how well the wooden siding was treated. Various environmental factors can cause the deterioration of your home’s wooden exterior, but the process for treating wood damage and preparing the wood for painting is the same in nearly every instance.

Comprehensive Wood Patching

To eradicate and repair damaged wood, we sand the surface of the wood to remove any rotten wood. Sanding off the layers of damage exposes solid material, and we’re able to use wood repair putties, epoxies, fillers, glues, and bonding agents to restore the wooden surface. After treating, sanding, and massaging each area, the wood is in prime condition to be painted.

This in-depth preparation of every exterior area of your home is our forte, and we’re uniquely skilled at handling difficult painting projects which require extensive preparation. On an average exterior repainting project on a home with wooden siding, our preparation process accounts for over half of the total hours. We provide an all-inclusive solution for exterior repainting by handling every step of the project from preparation to final product.

We prep every exposed wood surface of your residence for painting including:

  • Roof fascia
  • Roof eaves
  • Window trim
  • Door trim
  • Shingle siding
  • T1-11 siding
  • Ship lap siding
  • Hand rails and railings
  • Decks
  • Doors

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