Interior Painting Santa Barbara

Our professional painting service gives the interior of your Santa Barbara home a sleek, clean, and vibrant paint job. Each project is unique, and we work with you to create the perfect color scheme for your home.

The interior of your home contains many separate surfaces which require special preparation. To create a long lasting paint job which looks clean we examine all ceilings, walls, baseboards, moldings, doors, and shutters prior to painting. This process is a significant portion of the painting project, and we assess each surface to determine its condition and decide the best way to ready it for repainting.

Oil and Water Based Paints

Paints are generally divided into oil-based and water-based categories. This is important when it is time to repaint the interior of your home. Water-based paint is the most popular choice when repainting, but many homes in Santa Barbara have oil-based paint on existing surfaces. Because water-based paint can not be applied directly on top of an existing coat of oil-based paint, special preparation is required to prevent the new water based paint from failing.

It is common to see homes with improperly transitioned interiors. This means that a previous painting contractor did not properly treat the oil-based surfaces before applying a new coat of water-based paint. If surfaces in your home have flakey paint, or can easily be scratched off with your fingernail or by light contact, then that surface is likely to have not been properly transitioned. Repairing improper transitions can expensive. Completely removing existing coats of paint is labor intensive, and if each surface is properly transitioned removing existing coats of paint is not necessary.

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The Right Paint on the Right Surface

Special attention to fine details is the difference between quickly changing the color of your walls and professionally repainting your home’s interior. We strategically use several different paints and materials on each surface to get the best look and the most durability. On trim surfaces we use products or enamels that have a hard cure coating to resist wear and tear. Door cases and baseboards receive an easy to clean hard paint which withstands bumps and scrapes. Walls typically receive a softer tinged paint for visual aesthetics. Choosing the best paint for each surface gives your home a practical, durable, visually pleasing paint job.

Professional Custom Painting for Your Home in Santa Barbara

Your home is unique, and each project receives a painting solution which is completely custom to your home. Our delicate attention to detail, customer focused approach, and high level of professionalism makes us your best option for home painting in Santa Barbara. Contact us today for a free in home consultation, to receive a free painting quote, and to start on a new painting project for your home.

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