Interior Painting - Ceilings

Ceilings are often overlooked in regards to interior painting, but can stand-out if done incorrectly. It is important to fully understand the desired sheen. For example, “flat” is normally the sheen wanted on ceilings within non-wet rooms. However, there are hundreds of different paints out there that all have a different level of “flat” or “matte” finish. Typically our customers prefer a “dead-flat” finish as this hides the most imperfections within the existing drywall / plaster substrate as possible. This “dead-flat” finish is also quicker to apply as it tends to blend nicely without flashing.

Protection of adjacent surfaces… flooring, furniture, light fixtures, cabinetry, etc… This is always a concern that potential customers have when going through an interior repaint. We protect everything! You will not see drips on your floor or overspray on your light fixtures. Many labor hours on every project are dedicated and set-aside by management to ensure that all surfaces which are not receiving new paint, are protected.

Interior painting, versus exterior painting, often more of an inconvenience for customers as items are moved away from walls, protective materials are placed throughout rooms, and someone is in your home working. Here, at Fresh Coat, our goal is to “take the pain out of painting”. There is no better example of this than when we are painting the inside of a home.

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