Interior Painting - Trim (base, Crown, Chair, Rail)

Baseboards, crown moulding, chair rail, wainscoting, door casings, window casings are all examples of interior trim work. High-level interior trim work usually requires the most preparation work out of any of the surfaces within the inside of a home. The preparation work usually consists of sanding, nail hole filling, joint matching or seam blending, wood repair, and transitional caulking. These necessary preparation steps are explained during the quote walk and then carried over into the proposal so our customers know what our expectations are.

Trim work is usually finished with a durable enamel type of paint which can provide protection against heavy use. Typically this is done with a semi-gloss or full-gloss type of finish. Because of the sheen level, this is another reason why the preparation steps listed above are so important. The glossier the paint, the more imperfections are seen.

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