Interior Painting - Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal is an often time consuming process which involves tedious and patient efforts. Wall papers and adhesives are different. Some stick more than others. Some take longer to remove than others. There may be multiple layers of wall paper with multiple layers of adhesive. There is no other way to find out what you are working with until you try to remove it. Always begin with a corner to try and identify how many layers and what condition the paper and adhesive are in. We remove the wall paper by soaking the paper with hot water or sometimes chemicals. You want the paper to absorb the liquid and reach the adhesive. After, we begin to scrape away the wallpaper and it's adhesive. This process is repeated until the walls are free of paper and adhesive. It is Important to note that wallpaper cannot be forced off. Muscle will not remove the wall paper, but will damage and put gashes in your walls. If the wallpaper is stuck, try soaking it again or trying a wall paper removal chemical.

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