Residential Painting Services

Each residential project is unique in its own way. Whether that be on a personal level, for instance, maybe a customer has a pet that consistently scratches at the front door (in which case the front door should be brush & rolled rather than sprayed). Or that it be on a project level, for instance, a homes' exposed foundation is experiencing a significant amount of water damage. There are thousands of different circumstances which make every project special in its' own way. We make sure that we treat each project as such, while focusing on delivering a product which will last. Our core values were created by our own original customers... Us! Our priority is to provide superior quality through a bonafide customer service model rarely seen in the painting industry.

Residential painting comes in a variety of forms... From interior to exterior, from cabinetry work to staining, from faux work to popcorn ceiling removal. We work to service each individual need with expertise and customer education. We understand that when performing exterior work, customers want to know (and deserve to know) what preparation steps are performed and what products will hold-up best to the areas weather conditions. We understand that when performing interior work, customers want to understand the sequence of work so that they can experience the minimal amount of inconvenience.

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How we differentiate ourselves from other residential painters in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties is we’re completely dedicated to the customer service aspect of the business and quality. Quality is sometimes a difficult thing for residential customers to understand. When a residential customer receives a typical painting quote, it will state the cost to paint the house, perhaps broken-down into a couple line items. Our quotes are different...

We enjoy taking the time to educate and inform our customers about our preparation processes. From what materials we suggest to the sequence of steps we take on each given substrate (material type). It’s that preparation side of painting that makes up 40% of the cost, but many painting contractors in Santa Barbara and Ventura don’t take the time to explain this all-important, and to us necessary, process. We thoroughly explain each process that we’re going to use and then break-out everything on our proposals so the customer knows exactly what they’re receiving for their hard-earned money. For example, when receiving an interior quote, each room is broken down separately; kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, hallway, entryway. All of those items are separated out in the quote. Within each room, all walls, ceiling, doors, trim, windows - each of those will have that particular line item. This allows the customer to self-educate while seeing how the total cost is allocated.

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